From passion to mountains, endurance to science and high-performance to innovation


To inspire, educate and share her passion is the foundation of Chloë’s DNA. Decades of dedication in the sporting world she is recognized to advance the way we rehabilitate & train athletes to achieve both higher performance and with longevity.
Leading with evidence-based methodologies
she always aims to translate the complexity of the human body into practical, progressive and highly effective performance enhancement rehabilitation & coaching applications, driven by her desire to innovate. She delivers solutions to sports orthopedic specialists. She gives hope to injured athletes bringing them back stronger than before injury. She gives results to elite performance to unlock extra seconds, minutes, power, speed or healing an injury… so they can achieve an ultimate goal. 
Skiing and running mountain ranges are part of her daily routine. Canadian she lives in Chamonix, France.

Chloë is an accomplished endurance athlete, a competitive runner since the age of 12, she has over 40 podiums in ultra&trail running, she was the 1999 World Champion of 24hrs of Mountain Biking, competing in endurance cross-country MTB for a decade. She completed five Marathon des Sables with a best 5th female, she won the Spanish Raid Delta i Ports 180km mountain run, and 5th female at the  CCC (UTMB). She competed for several years in the Iditarod Trail Invitational and the Iditasport, both unsupported winter bike events in Alaska ranging from 100 miles, 350 miles and 1000 miles, finishing first female multiple times and top ten overall.

All athletes coming to her programs leave with a wealth of resources, inspired, fitter and ready to thrive !



In 1998 in Whistler British Columbia Chloë founded the X-Training School to share her passion for endurance & mountain sports by offering a series of mountain biking & trail running training camps and specialty seminars to the community. Within a few years the programs had extended considerably and to mountain towns across British Columbia, Oregon, Montana, Colorado, Jackson Hole, Zermatt… and in Chamonix.

In 2014 Chloë narrow it down to her knew home and founded the Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy. The academy programs are growing yearly and so is our team.