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With Chloë’s decades of experience, successful methodology, and a leader in sports science, time for you to focus on innovative and progressive training !

“My objective with the live masterclass series is to provide singular training & racing content that is forward thinking, practical, science based and give answers to your questions.”

Chloë’s talk are dynamic, innovative, practical, fun and interactive. She shares 25+ years of valuable knowledge and expertise as a leading expert in sport rehabilitation and high-performance training, as a professional coach and an accomplished endurance & mountain athlete.

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So much information is generalized, outdated, wrong or simply fad trends. It can limit your potential, performance and at worst, be detrimental to your health. I am committed to deliver the latest and most accurate info to help you achieve your goals with success.

The new season starts in the off season

To better progress we need to run in the off-season, this is when we build our running foundation for the upcoming season. Come spring is too late for that. The type of training is very different from the summer and  it is an opportunity to evolve as an athlete.
Sunday January 14th | 5pm to 6pm CET

  • The training goals in the off-season | sessions per week, intensity level, type of sessions, physiological objectives etc.
  • How to individualize training for your needs | Chloë will guide you through questions and examples
  • Evaluating the previous season to plan the new season
  • Injury prevention benefits | power of mechanics, greater leg oxygenation, and improved base speed
  • Cross-training better than running in the winter ? A big misconception. A runner is made in the winter, a cross country skier is made in the summer !

The power of mechanics

All sports as a specific technique that must be practice regularly. Unfortunately it is often neglected in the trail-ultra coaching world. Technique, effort output (physical & mental), and fitness are all key factors to progression.
Come discover why working on mechanics is beneficial for your overall running fitness and what you should focus on.
Sunday January 21st | 5pm to 6pm CET

  • The benefits of working on technique | physiological, mental and the fatigue factor
  • The physiology and the movement of the trail kinetic chain | terrain & intensity
  • The importance of drills & exercices to optimize mechanics | elasticity, recoil energy, speed, power, interval stations and endurance
  • Optimizing technique does not mean perfection of mechanics but efficiency and economy

Long distance Training the zone 2 syndrome

Long distance racing does not equal slow training. To cover the distance and the terrain you need strength, power output (watts) and  resistance to fatigue. How does it translate to training ? Join us and find out !
Come and discover mainly training in zone 2 limits your potential.
Sunday February 4th | 5pm to 6pm CET

  • The energy demand of long distance racing | practical application
  • The importance of training effort ouput | mental & physical benefits
  • Neglected in long distance training | speed, power and leg oxygenation for the distance
  • The importance of sub maximal training sessions | workout examples
  • Overdistance training | how it's done
  • Train to run ultra's vs walking

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