Trail skill clinics


with Chloë
Day clinics

GET FITTER FOR your favorite distance

A chance to get one-on-one coaching from Chloë and learn effective training techniques and strategies to optimize your running potential.

Register early space is limited, everyone welcome!

Running with Poles

Learn to be efficient running with poles, save energy, optimize your stride and build upper body strength.
Fun, dynamic and a great way to learn quickly is on the single track, join us !
We have Black Diamond poles for demo’s if you do not own a pair.
This clinic is free if you sign-up for Chloë’s Vertical training Tuesday May 23rd or her Patagonia Run Wednesday May 24th!

  • Different techniques depending of terrain
  • Run-walk pole technique for steeper terrain
  • The do's & don't
  • Examples of pole training sessions to get stronger for your race
  • Racing pole tips & strategies
  • We have Black Diamond Poles for demo


Saturday May 6th 2023 | 9am to 4pm
A chance to get all the tools to built a strong runners body with innovative exercises & drills routines.

  • The mechanism & causes of running injuries and prevention strategies​
  • Dynamic running drills to optimize run economy, cadence, reduce mechanical stress and the risk of overuse injury ​
  • Cool running strength routine ; elasticity, power, speed, mobility (Chloë's favorite exercises) ​
  • Drills to optimize foot motor control, stability, anticipation & responsiveness​
  • Training strategies to enhance recovery​
  • The clinic will be held between trails and the running track​

Optimize trail run mechanics CLINIC

Saturday June 3rd, 2023 | 8:30am to 4pm
A day of one-on-one coaching to optimize your running form! Very underrated in trail-mountain running, good mechanics is crucial to save precious energy, to reduce mechanical load, to stay injury free and to increase run potential for the single trail.

  • Individual run mechanics analysis on flat, uphill and downhill | hands-on tips
  • Cadence & stride training to increase base speed and economy
  • Individual mobility & musculoskeletal imbalances evaluation
  • Practical tips and exemple of workout sessions to optimize mechanics and fitness for all terrain
  • You will be filmed at the beginning and at the end of the clinic to see your improvements

SPEED CLINIC. GET FASTER for the single track.

Saturday June 10th, 2023 | 9am to 4pm
You want to get overall faster, gain some speed & confidence in the descents, stamina for the climbs, improve your PB for your favourite distance? Join this clinic!​

  • Learn how to fire your legs into a new gear​
  • The benefit of flat quality workouts for trail running​
  • Series of speed training sessions to take home ​
  • Receive individual training tips to achieve your goal​
  • The clinic will be held between trails, roads and the running track​


  • Schedule and itinerary may vary due to the unpredictable mountain weather and conditions
  • Important | meals and accommodation are not included, we can recommend hotels
  • Appropriate insurance for rescue & medical costs is important as we will be running in the mountains
  • All clinics starting and end point from Chamonix town center