Get inspired
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Get inspired
each day

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Learn to optimize quality training and to prioritize skill set to take your efforts to the next level
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THE chamonix mountain endurance

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The Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy is the ultimate opportunity to optimize single track fitness & athletic potential, expand training knowledge, sports specific and mountain skills while maximizing your alpine experience. Our programs provide solutions, answers and efficient training strategies. You’ll gain access to tools and insights required to address your specific needs to build towards your fitness objective, race goal or big mountain project.
We are
Chamonix locals, mountain athletes, pro certified running coaches, IFMGA mountain guides, fluent in French & English, highly experienced with over 25 years, and experts in the field of sport science- is what sets our programs apart :

  • Day & weekend mountain training & running camps
  • Racing camps
  • Summer & fall weekly Vertical training
  • Winter ski rando & snow safety clinics
  • Live virtual masterclass
  • We are the founder of the annual Chamonix Mountain Running Festival


Founder & director

Chloë is a renowned international expert and consultant in the field of biomechanics & exercise physiology, high performance, sport injury, and a scientist for the NASA space program. She is a published author, an educator and very engaged globally in the sport of running. The academy is a passion project she founded in 2015 to share decades of expertise & experience with the endurance & mountain community. She has been offering running camps & educational sport specific seminars across North America and the Alps for three decades. A very accomplished multi-sport athlete, she is dedicated in helping you progress, achieve, stay injury free and to perform at your very best… with passion !



WE share our PASSIOn
WE ARe a stride forward


Fun & energizing!
Designed to optimize training knowledge, economy & mechanics, injury prevention, mindset & race strategies.

vertical TRAINING

 Train with locals | From May to July 2023 | Everyone welcome
Boost (quickly) your aerobic mountain fitness, power & economy, prevent injury and kick-ass on the single track this season!

Live masterclass

A dynamic educational platform with cutting edge & evidence based topics. Live via zoom with Chloë, an opportunity to learn, and innovate your training & racing habits.



See you again for winter 2024
Upskill your backcountry skill set with our one day clinics from
snow safety, glacier travel, crevasse rescue and ski rando



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November 18, 2022
Tissue tolerance is the foundation of the body’s ability to perform and protect itself from injury. The inefficiencies and movement dysfunctions can cause the tissue to work harder, burn more energy, and becomes weaker with time. Fatigue builds-up creates more stress, requires more effort and at times translate as pain.
December 31, 2021
Identifying what you truly want is the first step toward a more inspired way of training and living. There’s no low or high season, we train to be fit, feel good and be healthy year long. Along the weeks and months it’s crucial to have motivation to stay on track. Have purpose. Be fulfilled.
November 24, 2021
We often hear that resilience is the ability to effectively respond to a setback. But it’s more than that. Resilience is the ability to adopt a preventative and proactive approach to managing stress.