Hit reset. Be an athlete.

A perfect time to turn up the volume. Hit reset.
Identifying what you truly want is the first step toward a more inspired way of training and living. There’s no low or high season, we train to be fit, feel good and be healthy year long. Along the weeks and months it’s crucial to have motivation to stay on track. Have purpose. Be fulfilled.

Dream big
There are two sides of the brain competing for attention, the rational mind and the creative mind. Both are useful, but the rational mind often takes over, limiting your horizon. When imagining the future, you must allow the powerful creative intelligence of your feelings and intuition guide you. You are not too old, or too fat, don’t blame your kids or your work, all is possible- with a plan (and some fun hard work :).

Don’t believe everything you think.
That little voice in your head likes to limit your potential, prefers the couch and to watch movies, to compare you to others, to rationalize why you wont succeed. Switch all these thoughts for a positive one. Prove your little voice wrong !

BE ambitious
The space between where you now stand, and where you want to be can create a great force of energy. When you are excited about the possibilities that awaits you, it results in enthusiasm, motivation and drive. I live around that. It keeps me growing. It challenges my potential. Keeps my brain wired. I live fully.

Write down now on a piece of paper one ambition you dream of…. and before the end of today make one step towards achieving this dream.
Ambition = Action

This is why setting goals is so useful and a healthy process
My work gives me great joy and inspiration, I’m driven and dedicated. I’m committed to be the best I can be at what I do, but I do work hard. I have a heavy workload and responsibility that comes with it. That said it’s important for me to have a balanced lifestyle, that means time for daily quality training, cooking wholesome food, going to bed early, and down time to check-out.
But I made a deal with myself this fall, a new goal. The more contracts I take in I have to equal it with extra training weekly hours.

One of my goal is to stay balanced during high octane periods and not let my work take over my life.

The process inspires me. Okay it’s not always easy but it keeps me laser focused, productive and above all healthy.

A goal start with a motivation.
Give yourself a reason to get out the door, to feel great, have more energy and purpose.
Be healthy. Be strong. Be fit.
Set some goals that inspire you.

Don’t be a a runner. Be an athlete.
Keep improving. Keep growing.
And if you arrive at your goal, aim higher, farther, faster.

You’ll reach beyond what you ever thought possible.

Fuel determination with purpose
Meaningful goals act as a catalyst, increasing energy, improving decision making, and strengthening commitment. Most adventures will include detours or setbacks, so if you’re not truly enthusiastic about your goals, it’s easy to become dejected, lack fortitude, and give up. Your sense of purpose is what keeps you on track. It gives you the persistence to grind, fall down, stand-up, overcome, improve habits and make better choices.

Often we like to tell you that the outcome determines success. We tell you to focus on race goals. However, its more beneficial to focus on the process than the outcome. When you embrace each step along the way, regardless of the final outcome, you win.

Setting goals can switch a difficult situation into a positive experience.
For example in spring 2020 when we went into full confinement in Chamonix we could only go outside for one hour and no further than 1 km from our residence, we had to have an attestation and police where all over- no way to cheat the system.

I set a goal– to be the fittest I could be that summer, I looked at ways I could optimize training while being creative.

My daily 1 hour (outdoor eligible time) runs were all quality sessions, from speed, strides, tempo and vertical intervals.
I was rope skipping twice a day, anywhere from 30 to 1 hour each sesh.
I designed three different strength routine, no heavy lifting but functional strengthening exercises for my core, upper, lower and run specifics.
I focused on drills and worked on mobility on a daily basis.
Each morning would start with basic ballet movements followed with a few yoga poses, a routine I’ve been doing for years.

I felt inspired during hard times.
It worked. I had that extra drive, ambition I was training harder but smart. I didn’t care I had no race goals.

Goals can start today and make you feel great tomorrow.

Contemplate what you really want NOW ! (go for a run while doing this)
Where do your inspirations come from ? (training, your look, dreams, your friends, past performances, a mentor)
What is your motivation ? (loosing weight, getting faster, solo time, how it makes you feel, performance…)
What stands in the way of your goals ? (excuses)
How would you like to feel in the coming year ? (fit, energized, successful, inspired, connected…)
Why do you train ? Why do you run ? (be honest, you don’t have to tell anyone )

A few tips :
– Set process goals not outcome goals
This keeps your goals in a realm where you can dictate the commitment you make and the effort you put in. Set short term goals to get to your main goal.
Short term goals : set your alarm to go train in the morning, delete all unhealthy food, keep alcohol for one day a week, train 4-5x week, do your prehab exercises 3-4x week, work on your mobility after each cardio sessions etc.

– Keep goals visible
Anything that keeps your goal at the forefront of your mind will help that goal remain a priority. Stay confident each day of the process. Have a vision and go for it.
Track your workouts in a journal, write how you felt, enter your data. The day you don’t feel like training you won’t have a data entry ????

Fitness is work in progress

– Find answers to your negative thoughts
When we anticipate obstacles and proactively think of ways around them we are more likely to achieve a goal than those who skip this step. This is something I make all athletes I work with, work on. It’s one of the most important aspect of training. Racing in bad weather stresses you- start doing long runs when it’s pouring rain, get your brain accustom to something you perceive challenging instead of avoiding it.

Better to look ahead and prepare, than look back and regret.

– Set a time to train
Create a weekly schedule ahead of time. Days and time you will train.
Rain or shine you train. It makes you accountable.

– Built skill set
In all sport we need to focus on sport specific skills to grow, optimize economy, stay injury free and reach a higher level of performance. For running that’s working on running drills, improving cadence, quick leg turnover, elastic energy, light & smooth stride, build resilience, dealing with set-backs… just to name a few. All athletes I work with, especially the ones that have a coach, have set PB and eliminated overuse injuries by focusing on skill set.

Skill training is a key factor to performance and zero injury.

– Don’t get your info from social media
We feed you generalized, outdated and false info. Be smart, educate yourself, check where resources comes from.

Last note | Don’t rush progress
Results come with dedication, consistency and hard work. Get inspired.
Make your health a priority. Eat fresh. Train smart. Hit your bed early.
Make sure each week you have reach tangible goals. Get-up with the alarm.
Rest. Recover. Read. Hit reset once in a while ????

Breath passion.

Be a stride forward, harness your drive and take good care of yourself.
Wishing all of you a healthy, passionate and magical 2022 from Chamonix !

ps: I’m in the process of building two new websites for both my business : Chloë Lanthier Consulting and the Chamonix Mountain Endurance Academy, thank you for your patience, it’s a long process and hopefully soon will be live.

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