Chamonix winter training

The new season starts in the off-season.
run and train with Chloë
January 9th to February 28th, 2024

Winter is the time to refocus and work on the fundamentals of running

To better progress run and train in the winter ! This is when you build your foundation for the upcoming season. Come spring is too late for that.  January is a month to rewire the legs to a new speed and optimize run kinetic chain fitness. Low volume, quality training, quick recovery is on the menu.

From base speed, mechanics, VO2max, economy and power.
A chance to learn, progress, be part of a team and benefit from individual coaching from Chloë. Dynamic and inspiring !

Tuesdays from 6:15am to 7:15am (exception 02.28)
From January 9th to February 28th, 2024
You can join per session or for the full training
Includes two extra run sessions per week

... winter Training ...

time to refocus !

I offer a singular, effective and evidence-based training methodology so that you can successfully achieve your goals.
A lot of training information is generalized, outdated, incorrect or simply fad trends. This can limit your potential, your performance and
at worst, harm your health.

Details | Get-up and run with us!


  • Four weeks of quality run sessions | mostly on roads, on flat, rolling terrain and hills
  • Combination of drills, strides, pick-ups, intervals with stations, threshold and aerobic workouts
  • Optimize your run mechanics with individual drills
  • Chloë will give two extra running sessions each week to be done solo | total of three training sessions per week
  • WhatsApp group chat | weekly training tips, sharing info and Q&A
  • For trail and road runners
  • All fitness levels welcome | runners work at own intensity
  • Non competitive and supportive atmosphere
  • All you need is a hydration vest, a watch and good energy !